Have Your Staff Trained Personally By Dr. Grant

drgrant-suitDVDs, online videos, and training manuals are all effective teaching methods, but nothing comes close to having an expert in front of you. Answering questions, tailoring applications to your specific business, Dr. Grant is available for private corporate training sessions. Due to his busy schedule, you will need to determine a time for him to travel to your company at least three months in advance.

Advantages of Private Classes Includes:

  • Lower travel costs to bring Dr. Grant to you than to bring your entire office to him
  • Applications and examples tailored to your business and industry
  • DVDs of the sessions for training of future staff

If you wish to schedule and hire Dr. Grant and his staff for a private training session for your company, please call us at 952-322-3331 and we will work with you to schedule your event.